Critical Changes

The following changes affect your Safe Newsletters service.  Please read them carefully.

There will be a new format for viewing your school newsletters beginning June 2012.

Have a look a dummy format here

This was necessary to incorpoate the new advertsing platform.

The advertising platform is designed so that

  • Schools can generate increased revenue from the school newsletters
  • Advertisers have a superior return on investment from their advertising

You may choose to turn off the advertising feature and continue with the current style of viewing your newsletter.

Getting Started.

The new Stage 1 advertising market place is now ready for you to move your newsletter advertising out of your newsletter and place it alongside the newsletter on the web page.  You have full control of your advertising.  The transition will happen on May 30 allowing you to contact your advertisers and ask them to register.  Advertiser registration is free and only takes a few moments.

This is significant for the following reasons:

1. It removes advertising clutter from your newsletter without compromising advertising visibility.  Your advertisers will be visible alongside your newsletter rather than embedded inside your newsletter.  This means that your core messages are more likely to be seen and read by parents.

2.  Advertising is clickable.  In other words clicks from Ads alongside the newsletter open in a new tab and are directed to the advertisers website.  This makes your newsletter advertising infinitely more appealing to businesses because electronic advertising is far more effective than print advertising.  School newsletters have much higher open rates than sales newsletters.  This also makes your school newsletter a very attractive source of advertising.

DO THIS NOW (before MAy 30)

Contact/Email all your school advertisers and ask to register FREE here

Below is a copy of an email you can use to send to your current advertisers….

Dear [Advertiser – delete and add their name]

This year we are going to send our newsletters to parents via email.  We are using an email distribution network called Safe Newsletters.  They provide the technology to place ads digitally alongside our newsletter.  The ads can be clicked giving you better value for your advertising.

All we need you to do is sign up for a free advertising account with Safe Newsletters here

You then upload your ad graphic and they do the rest.

Safe Newsletters have instructions on their website on getting started.  Our advertising prices are listed on the Safe Newsletters website once you login.
Our newsletters advertising revenue is used to buy much needed resources across our school.  Your support is very much appreciated.

[Your Name]
[Your School]
[Your Phone number]

The Concept

This style of long-term advertising is for those businesses who ordinarily advertise all year in your newsletter.  Usually schools print the ads on the back cover of the newsletter or display them inside the newsletter in the same place each week.

You will no longer need to do this.  Safe Newsletters will manage this for you.

Provision for short-term advertising will be available in Stage 2 of the advertising platform due very soon.


It’s likely that you already have arrangements in place for you 2012 newsletter where newsletter advertisers and sponsors have paid you already.  That’s OK.

Simply ask you advertisers to register here

More information

More information is availabe here:

If you are unsure of anything, please call Damon 07 3102 3385

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