NEW: Newsletter Archives

In the past, uploading your newsletter as a PDF to Safe Newaletters would REPLACE the previous newsletter.  This was designed to conserve server space.

From today, uploading your newsletter as a PDF to Safe Newsletters (rather than your own school website) will no longer replace the previous newsletter and will remain on the server as a unique newsletter for 12 months.  This means that over time, you will develop and archive of your newsletters.  Safe Newsletters will provide you with a widget that you can put on your school website that will show your newsletter archive.

To locate the widget login and from the tools menu select Archive Snippet

Why did we do this?

Here’s a scenario

A school might upload their whole school newsletter to Safe Newsletters via the Upload PDF method on Monday and Send it.  On wednesday, the same school might send a sports update using the Upload PDF method.  This would replace the newsletter sent on Monday.  Therefore parents clicking on the newsletter link would see a sports update when they were expecting a whole school newsletter.

From today, this won’t happen anymore.

We hope you like the innovation.

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