Parent Brochures

With new changes to the way in which spam filters operate around the globe, Safe Newsletters has made some changes of our own in response.

Our new authenticated framework is designed to maximise the delivery and reliability of email to parent in boxes.  Even though we pass all the tests and protocols, sometimes email is filtered and parent newsletters get “stuck” in junk folders.

Spam filters are a necessary evil these days to immunize ourselves against spam.  Whilst spam filters sometimes filter our legitimate email… I still wouldn’t be without one!

To minimise the risk of email getting “stuck”, I have made an A5 brochure for you to photocopy and distribute to your parents.  It wouldn’t hurt to leave a few of these on your front counter.  You may even like to include it in your enrolment packages and student handbook etc…

Download the brochure here

We have some instructions on how parents can add to their contact list here

Feel free to add this link to your website or anywhere else parents might find useful.

If there is anything else you would like us to do to maximise delivery and open rates, please let us know.


Director, Safe Newsletter
Ph 07 3102 3385

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