Twitter for Schools

I was at my daughters school sports carnival recently. My wife and I took the day off, packed our camping chairs and wandered down to the school to watch our kids participate in the carnival.

We were directed to a grassy spot designated for parents to view the carnival. We were handed a program which was used as a rough guide to schedule each race.   Students were allowed to sit with their parents in between races.

The marshaling tent was located adjacent to a school building where extension cords were laid to power a laptop to tally team scores and power the portable PA.

Unfortunately, the PA was too far away for anyone to hear it properly. My wife and I would glance at each other with puzzled looks and ask each other “did you hear what was said?”

We were up and down several times to ask teachers what was said over the PA.

As I looked around several parents were looking at their smart phones. Maybe they were bored.

But then it struck me…

The teacher operating the laptop could have a web browser open and access twitter. As each race was called to the marshalling area…. she could type a quick message on twitter with appropriate hash tags. Parents would receive the message via twitter and send their children over to the marshalling area.

There are many other uses for twitter in schools. Leave your ideas below…

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