SMS Newsletters to Parent Mobile Phones

Its widely acknowledged that SMS open rates are much higher than email.  In fact some research shows that 95% of SMS are opened in the first 5 minutes.

SMS=Short Messaging Service

It makes sense that we have added an SMS feature to our school newsletter distribution service.

Adding this functionality required some research.  We needed a third party SMS gateway provider to send the SMS on our behalf.

There was a lot more to SMS than we anticipated.

There are many SMS gateways.  Some are located in Australia and others in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, UK, USA and more.

These cheaper gateways would could not guarantee delivery.  Some were 90% efficient.  Some were higher but they were not 100%.

Some of the cheaper gateways would also delay the distribution of SMS.  In other words some SMS might not be delivered for several hours after it was sent.

The less expensive gateways typically were outside Australia and would send SMS for less than 10 cents per message.  The cheapest we found was 6 cents… but we needed better reliability.

The factors which were most important to us was reliability and timing.  We needed a service that could grantee the highest delivery rate and would be delivered as soon as the SMS was sent.

This meant that the price per SMS was going to be higher and the gateway would need to be in Australia and provided by Telstra.

We also needed something that would integrate seamlessly into our current systems that would cater for our volume and provide the flexibility we needed.

We are happy to announce that we have sourced an Australian gateway that fit all our criteria and gave us a very good price.

We are now geared to send school newsletters via email .. and SMS.

The SMS is integrated into our professional suite of features and schools will be billed according to their SMS distribution.  Currently our pricing is 17 cents per SMS message.

We offer superior flexibility and a range of features.

For more information about what we offer have a look at our website


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