How to send an Email Newsletter

Once logged into mailchimp you will be presented with the mailchimp dashboard

At the top of the page is the navigation menu

You DO NOT need to import a list… we have already done that for you.  We configured all the “thank you” emails too.

You DO NOT need to setup your school template… we have already done that for you.

Pro Tip: Have your typed email newsletter already prepared.  It’s an easy copy and paste during the send process!

1. Click Campaigns

2. To send an email to parents, click Create Campaign

Every time you send a newsletter (email) you will need to create a new campaign.

3. On the next screen select Regular ole Campaign

4. Select which list you want to use… you should only have one list.  Make sue to click Next Step


5. Add in all the necessary information.  !! DO NOT change the email address !!



6. Select Template

7. Paste in (or type in your email to parents).  Include any links in the email.

8. On this screen make sure everything is OK and click send.

Your email will be sent to all list recipients!  Yay!

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