Safe Newsletters is owned and operated by Damon Taylor, a former Queensland school principal.

Damon has the distinction of leading both  primary and secondary schools and also co-convened one of the largest ICT conferences in Queensland hosting over 500 teachers at multiple locations.

Safe newsletters originally was NOT built for schools.  It was built for business to send their business newsletters to their customers each month.  Customers could buy products directly from the electronic newsletters.  Direct marketing via email was and still is the premium marketing technique used by business across the world

One day a school called asking if they could use the service.  It was given to the school for free.  There were enough businesses using the service to subsidize the school.  This particular school would call every so often and ask for refinements.  Then more refinements.  And even more refinements.  Safe Newsletters began taking a different shape until eventually it was so “school” orientated that Safe Newsletters was re-branded and re-marketed to schools only.

Safe Newsletters offered schools a FREE email service then later on a premium service offering superior flexibility, features and SMS

Safe Newsletters is now the work of many schools who have requested refinements.  It is one of the more intuitive school communication systems on the market in Australia.

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