Getting Ready for the 2013 School Year

Start School YearGet ready for the 2013 academic school year by optimising your safe newsletters account.  Its easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

I trust your you are refreshed from a well earned break.  I hope Santa was good to you!

If you do this NOW, it will help you streamline your parent communication and reduce errors throughout the year.

The following list is a prioritized list of tasks that need to be done ASAP.  I know you’re busy… but if you do it know it will make your job easier …

  • CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.  We take security very seriously.  Whilst you were on holidays, we have taken further steps to make Safe Newsletters even safer.  BUT… your password is still the gateway to your entire parent list.  It would be horribly embarrassing if someone managed to guess your password and access your account and then start sending inappropriate messages.  If you need a password generator, have  a look at this online password generator to generate a secure password for you.  If you use this, please DO NOT use the punctuation function… Safe Newsletters won’t allow SOME punctuation in passwords.
  • SMS.  If you would like to add a SMS function as an extra layer of communication for your parents, we can now enable this for you.  When your newsletter is sent, a SMS will also be sent to parents.  It operates on a consumption basis.  At the end of each month we send the school a bill for SMS consumption.  Parents are given the option to receive the SMS.  More information here.
  • PRUNE your parent email list.  If parents haven’t collected their newsletter for 120 days, you can prune the list which effectively deletes their email from your list.  This keeps your list nice and tidy.
  • ADVERTISING.  If your school has advertisers that wish to advertise in your newsletter for the whole year… you now have the option to include their add alongside your newsletter.  The add sits beside your newsletter on the computer screen.  This way you don’t have to include it in your newsletter each week.  We take care of all the electronic advertising.  We have more information for schools here.  Send all your advertisers here for more information.
  • MOBILE DEVICES.  We have a new HTML newsletters feature that allows schools to publish their newsletter as a web page rather than a PDF document.  This way the HTML newsletter will render in mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.  Sometimes PDF documents are difficult to read on smaller devices because parents need to scroll across as well as scroll down the screen.  HTML newsletters eliminates this issue and makes the reading experience much friendlier.
  • ADD EVENT REMINDERS.  Add your school events and reminders to Safe Newsletters which allows parents to auto add them to their Outlook (or similar) calendar.  This way parents are well informed of upcoming events and dates.
  • SURVEYS.  Don’t forget you can add surveys to the email that is sent to parents.  Why not survey parents and ask them if they would like to receive a SMS each time the newsletter is published??

Competition winners will be announced soon..

Have I missed something or need some advice on something?  Leave a comment below.


NEW Permission Forms

Add, Edit and Duplicate downloadable studnet permission forms.

An easy permission form editor makes it easy for you to plan your next school event.

Better still, the permission forms are automatically added to your own school website for easy website management.  This makes your webiste more useful to parents who are searching for permission forms to download

Simply login to Safe newsletters and under the TOOLS menu click PERMISSION FORMS.

Another innovation by Safe Newsletters – Making Schools Better!


Email Newsletter to Server

We’re testing a new BETA version of a function where you can upload your newsletter to the Safe Newsletters servers by emailing it from your email client such as MS Outlook.

Its just another level of convenience we offer

PRO users only.  For use by primary account holders.  Delegates and FREE accounts cannot access this function.

From the Account Menu, choose settings.

Copy your secret key to your hard drive and save it to a safe place.


  1. Open a new email
  2. Send the email to
  3. In the SUBJECT line of the email, paste in your secret key
  4. Attach your newsletter
  5. OR Put the hyperlink of the newsletters in the body of the email (eg http://yourschoolwebsite/mynewsletter.pdf)
  6. SEND your email
  7. You will receive an email notification when your PDF newsletter has been saved to the server.  You can then login and send it.  Easy.


If you simply want to send the URL of your newsletter to the database server

NEW: Newsletter Archives

In the past, uploading your newsletter as a PDF to Safe Newaletters would REPLACE the previous newsletter.  This was designed to conserve server space.

From today, uploading your newsletter as a PDF to Safe Newsletters (rather than your own school website) will no longer replace the previous newsletter and will remain on the server as a unique newsletter for 12 months.  This means that over time, you will develop and archive of your newsletters.  Safe Newsletters will provide you with a widget that you can put on your school website that will show your newsletter archive.

To locate the widget login and from the tools menu select Archive Snippet

Why did we do this?

Here’s a scenario

A school might upload their whole school newsletter to Safe Newsletters via the Upload PDF method on Monday and Send it.  On wednesday, the same school might send a sports update using the Upload PDF method.  This would replace the newsletter sent on Monday.  Therefore parents clicking on the newsletter link would see a sports update when they were expecting a whole school newsletter.

From today, this won’t happen anymore.

We hope you like the innovation.


Safe Newsletters endeavours to make sure all schools are aware of changes made to the newsletter platform.

Changes, updates and innovation will outlined here.  The best way to stay in touch is to click the “follow” tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and add your email address.  This way you can stay up to date with the changes that we make .

PLEASE SEE ALL Release and Update Notes here