Bulk Upload Email Addresses

If you already have a list of parent email addresses, there is no need to add them to Safe Newsletters one by one.

Safe Newsletters offers a smart bulk upload tool that allows you to add all your parent email addresses in one easy step.

NOTE: this works best using internet explorer (usually I do not recommend IE… but for this particular function IE seems to complete the import better than other browsers)

Your spreadsheet (or comma separated vales (CSV) file) should have 3 columns in the following order

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address

Delete everything else apart from the 3 columns above.

Before you do anything… we need to organize your data.  In the data industry, this is known as “cleaning” your data.  Essentially this means we make sure all your data in the spreadsheet that we upload is readable by the server.  For instance, the server doesn’t like blank rows in a spreadsheet so these need to be deleted and then the spreadsheet re-saved.  Once “cleaned” we remove any risk that the server will have a “hissy fit” and fail to do the upload.

Accountants do that same thing.  They like your data (or Tax) in a particular way that makes it easier for them to complete your tax return.

The following process of “cleaning” appears complex.  But its not.  Don’t let the instruction list deceive you.

Before uploading your spreadsheet, please check the following:

  1. Delete the column headings from your spreadsheet.  Data should be names and email addresses only.
  2. Delete ALL blank rows from the spreadsheet.
  3. Make sure all email addresses have and @ sign in them.  I do this by changing the color of the cell that contains the @ sign.  This way its easy to spot when there is one missing.
  4. This is easy to do in excel.  From the editing section in the ribbon, click find and select.
  5. In the find what field type @In the replace with field type @Click the Format button
  6. Then choose a color.  All cells without the @ sign will appear white.
  7. Edit each email address and make sure all email addresses are correct.
  8. Next you need to do a find and replace which will delete all unwanted symbols.  To do this, click the find and select button again….In the find what field type in the greater than sign >
    Make sure the Replace with field is blank
    Click replace all.  This will delete all unwanted symbols
  9. Repeat this step for the following symbols
    ‘ (apostophe)
    ” (quotes)
  10. Save your data

After you have cleaned your data we need to copy the data and add it to the Safe Newsletters bulk upload tool.

First copy your parent names and email addresses.  Only copy the data you need.  DO NOT select ALL… because the server sees this as blank rows… and we don’t want blank rows

Notice how ONLY the data we need has been selected.

Copy the data.

Login to Safe Newsletters http://safenewsletters.com

From the Menu, select Add Bulk Email Addresses.

Paste all the data into the box provided.  It will look a little all over the place but that is normal.

Click “Add Email”

If you now click “Manage Email” from the menu, you will see all your parent email addresses have been bulk added for you.

If you find that the upload failed for any reason, please email the spreadsheet to us and we will do the bulk upload for you.