Adding Your Mobile Phone Number to Receive SMS Newsletters

Safe newsletters was initially set up for email.  As such, parents were not required to add a mobile phone number or a password.

We have added a new parent login section so that mobile phone numbers can be added.

So we need to give you a temporary password.

To get you temporary password, you need to click the “Manage My Preferences” link at the bottom of the newsletter EMAIL you receive from the school.

When you click this link, a new new temporary password will be emailed to you.

Newsletter footer links.

You new temporary password will be UGLY.  (see sample email below)

Using your mouse, highlight the ugly password, right click and copy it.

Sample of the temporary password email you will receive

Click the Login here link in the email.  This will take you to the Safe Newsletters login page

Login using your email address.

Then in the password field, paste in the ugly password you copied from the email.

Once logged in, you will be asked which  school newsletter subscription you would like to manage.  Some parents may have children in different schools and therefore have more than one newsletter subscription…

Next to the school newsletter subscription you want to update, click “Manage”.

You will be presented with your newsletter preferences…

newsletter subscription preferences page

  1. Add you mobile phone number.  Just add numbers without spaces, brackets etc….  Just add one big long phone number.
  2. Add a NEW password.
  3. Choose the SMS option you want.
  4. Click update

That’s it.

Once you have done this and your school has enabled SMS, you will receive a SMS once your school newsletter is ready for collection.


How to Get Started

To get started using Safe Newsletters, a key concept needs to be understood first.

The whole safe newsletters concept revolves around a self subscription model.  In other words parents can subscribe to your newsletter themselves.  This greatly reduces the administrative workload in the school itself.

For this to happen, there needs to be a subscription form or link on your school website.  So… the only link you need to remember is your own school website.  Therefore, when parents call you and ask to subscribe to your newsletter, you simply redirect the parent to your school website where they can find the newsletter subscription link.

To add a newsletter subscription link to your website, here is what to do.

IMPORTANT: You need to login to Safe Newsletters do this…

  1. Login to Safe Newsletters here
  2. Once logged in, from the menu select Newsletter Tools >> Parent Signup Form
  3. On the “Collect your email addresses” page, there are 4 ways to add a subscription link (or form) to your website
  4. The easiest way is option 1.  All you need to do is copy the link (make sure you get the whole link including the numbers) and then paste it onto your web page.  Save it.  That’s it
  5. Option 2, 3 and 4 are for people who are familiar with HTML code.NOTE: Some (not all) Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly those from government organisations where security is managed from a central location (eg a head office) will NOT allow you to add code to the source of a web page.  In these cases, the only way in which you can add a subscription link is option 1.  It’s not as “pretty” but it will certainly give parents access to your newsletter subscription pages.If you are able to add code, then you need to add the code to the HTML or source code of your website.  If you are using a CMS, you need to look for a button or tab that says, source code, HTML, Text, code or something similar.  Add the code between the <body> tags in the position where you want to place your subscription form.Save the page.  This will automatically add a subscription form to your website.  This is the most professional

This will allow you to start collecting email addresses from your school website.

If you already have parent email addresses stored in a spreadsheet or MS Outlook, the next thing you will want to do is bulk upload them into Safe Newsletters.  Here is a short instruction list on how to bulk upload your email addresses and get started straight away.